ISLAMABAD: Overseas Ministry and Special Assistant Zulfi Bukhari fulfilled another promise by defeating the mafia occupying the housing plots of the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation.

According to details, Zulfi Bukhari, Special Assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan, revived the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation’s (OPF) 30-year-old project, which saved the investment of crores of rupees of Overseas Pakistanis forever.

The project was started in the 90s. Overseas Pakistanis were not allotted plots despite huge investments. Occupy mafia’s stubbornness and In the past, government mismanagement has put investment at risk.

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However, now that the government has completed a successful operation against the Occupy Mafia in collaboration with the FWO, facilities including new routes, electricity, water and gas, have been provided in two years.

It has also been decided to further intensify construction activities in OPF. Construction of OPF Homes and Apartments for Overseas Pakistanis will be started soon.

OPF Housing Scheme plots will be handed over to the owners today after 3 decades.

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