Pakistani-Canadian YouTuber and comedian Zaid Ali say a perfect marriage is between two imperfect people.

Zaid Ali, who often posts loving messages for his Yemeni wife on social media, recently posted some pictures with the Yemeni on the photo and video sharing app Instagram, which seems to describe the beautiful relationship between the couple.

Zaid Ali
Zaid Ali AND Yumna

In the photos posted on Instagram, Zaid Ali’s wife Yemeni is seen holding a flower in her hand and hugging her husband, while in the pictures, this most popular couple on social media looks very attractive.

Posting pictures on Instagram, Zaid Ali gave important information to the fans about a successful marriage and said, “A perfect and successful marriage is between two people who are imperfect.”
these kinds of peoples never leave each other and hold their partner’s hand in every field and good and bad time,” YouTuber said.

Zaid Ali’s positive message is being appreciated by the fans while so far his post has received more than 183,000 likes.
It should be noted that Zaid Ali and his wife Yemeni romantic song ‘Galan Teriyan Mithiyan’ was released recently which was well received.

The singer of this song of Zaid Ali and Yemen is Bilal Khan while the story of the song seems to revolve around the love of Zaid Ali and Yemen.

Zaid Ali, a Pakistani-Canadian star who gained fame on the internet with his videos and talent comedy video, Zaid Ali married a Yemeni in August 2017.

Zaid Ali
Zaid Ali T with Wife

Zaid Ali lives in Canada. He spent his life like traditional Pakistanis he loves Pakistan.

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