ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided to reshuffle key members by removing some senior leaders as a result of rising prices and for better governance.

Sources said that some important changes are also possible in the federal cabinet from Imran Khan where the department heads are expected to be removed and reshuffled.

It is said that some powerful people within the government are angry over the economic performance, especially the management of rising food prices, the prolonged crisis of wheat and sugar put pressure on the government. Some ministers in the federal government think that the relevant economic ministries took longer to make important decisions.

Sources say that now the government is coming to the conclusion that it has no other option left to bring new faces on the economic front.

Top official sources said that the federal capital has been in the grip of rumors for the last two days regarding key changes in the federal cabinet. A federal minister commented that he had not heard anything about it but confirmed one thing that the pressure has increased over the past few days due to rising prices of food items.

Former Finance Adviser Shaukat Tareen and current Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Revenue Waqar Masood are said to be given key posts.

However, sources close to Shaukat Tareen said that no one has contacted him yet but when the PTI-led government asked him to join the present government Shaukat Tareen refused to join the government.

The reason was that four cases were pending against him at that time. Some other changes related to the interior ministry, energy, and others are also likely to take place in the next few days.

A federal minister, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that every month some reporters call him and ask about key changes in the federal cabinet.

He acknowledged that the demand for better governance has increased, so some ministers may feel pressured to improve delivery, but he did not hear much about changes in the federal cabinet.

Note: This news was published in the daily Jang on October 26.

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