Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar was proud to be Dimple Kapadia’s son-in-law when Christopher Nolan, the director of the Hollywood film ‘Tenet’, wrote a letter of appreciation for Dimple Kapadia.

According to Indian media reports, the famous Hollywood director Christopher Nolan’s film ‘Tenet’ has been released across India yesterday. The story of this film revolves around the new mission of the world-famous spy team.
A day before the release of the film, actress Dimple Kapadia, who was included in the cast of the film, received a special note from director Restufer Nolan.

Akshay Kumar, who is married to Dimple Kapadia’s daughter Twinkle Khanna, said in a tweet on social networking site Twitter: “It is a great honor for Dimple Kapadia to receive a letter from Christopher Nolan. I am so proud to be the son-in-law of Dimple Kapadia on this occasion.

Akshay Kumar also shared a photo of Christopher Nolan’s letter to Dimple in his tweet, in which he wrote, ‘It is a great pleasure for me to work with you, your best acting skills in this film. And thank you so much for your tough work.

It is to be noted that a day before the release of the film Tenet in India, Christopher Nolan had released a video message in which he spoke about the scenes shot in India and said, “In my opinion, the best and Interesting scenes are some of them with Dimple Kapadia.

“We had a great time to shoot in India,” wrote Christopher Nolan.

In addition to Indian actress Dimple Kapadia, the film also stars John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debecky, and others.

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