The leading actress in the Pakistan film and drama industry Maya Ali has paid a heartfelt tribute to her mother and expressed her unconditional love for her.

Maya Ali wrote in a message to her mother on her Instagram account, “I wish I had the words to write about you, you are my life, my life, and my strength.

Maya Ali further wrote that it is because of her mother that she is nothing without her. Everything I have found so far in life is only because of your prayers.
Maya Ali apologized to her mother for never picking up the phone during the shoot and wrote that she should forgive her if she could never give her time because she sacrificed her life for the upbringing of the children.

At the end of the message, Maya Ali expressed her love for her mother and called her a ‘superwoman’.

Maya Ali’s love message and photo from her mother were liked by thousands of people on her account and comments were also written.
Pakistani actress Maya Ali wrote an emotional message to her mother calling her a superwoman.
Maya Ali shared a photo with her mother on Instagram and wrote, “My soul, my life, my strength, I wish I had the words to write about you and I hope I can be a good daughter.”
The actress further paid homage to her mother, saying that everything she is today is because of her mother and there was nothing without her.
“I’m sorry I don’t pick up your phone call when I’m shooting, I’m sorry if I can’t spend more time with you because you’ve made so many sacrifices for us,” he added.
“If I’ve achieved anything in my life so far, it’s all because of your prayers,” he said.
He added, “May Allah keep your shadow safe on us forever. Amen.”

Finally, addressing his mother, he said, “I love you. You are my Superman.”

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