German Ambassador to Pakistan Bernhard Schillingheck is also one of those who are addicted to Pakistani food and he is doing his best to introduce Pakistani food to the world.

Pakistani food is famous all over the world, but Peshawar’s Chapli Kebab is something else and anyone who eats Peshawar’s Chapli Kebab becomes crazy about it.

German Ambassador to Pakistan Bernhard Schlagheck is often seen commenting on social media accounts with pictures of Pakistan’s tourist destinations and delicious food.

Sheilag Heck has openly expressed his opinion about Peshawar’s famous Chapli Kebab.

The German ambassador posted pictures of Peshawar’s Chapli Kebab on his Twitter account and wrote that the most interesting experience of his recent visit to Peshawar was to enjoy Chapli Kebab there.

He described Peshawar’s chapli kebabs as delicious, adding that “now I can fully understand why this dish is so popular, but he did not explain why chapli kebabs are so popular.”

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