The actress of Pakistan Showbiz Industry shared her photo with the newborn baby.
Actress Hina Altaf has expressed happiness over the birth of her niece on foot and video sharing website Instagram.
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Leading Pakistani actor and host Hina Altaf took to social media …

Hina Altaf shared a photo of her newborn niece whom she was holding in her lap.

More than 90,000 users liked the photo of Hina Altaf account in one hour while other users also congratulated the actress through some interesting comments.
The actress wrote in the caption of the posted photo, “Mercy has come to my brother’s house, welcome to the little princess who has joined our family.”
After sharing a photo of Hina Altaf, the fans congratulated her on the birth of Bhitji and addressed her as ‘Pupho’.
Insta user Arfahim wrote, “Congratulations Papa.”
It should be noted that Hina Altaf had recently married actor Agha Ali during the lockdown.

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