There has been a resurgence of epidemics, but the benefits of fitness cannot be underestimated. However, where the global epidemic 19 affected every aspect of life, fitness centers could not remain unaffected.

Many workout centers across the country are still locked down due to the global epidemic, but the social distance is not meant to affect your fitness and workout sessions this year and make you look fat.

Why is exercise twice as important?
Dr. Cheema Melton from Santa Monica says that choosing exercise in an environment surrounded by anxiety and psychological distress over the past 9.8 months is doubly important.

This situation has forced people all over the world to suffer from psychological conditions such as anxiety, social isolation, and fear, so the choice of exercise is very important to overcome this situation.

How to exercise while protected from the virus?

exercise during corona

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, coronary heart disease can be prevented by following a few simple exercise rules.

  • Maintain a distance at least 6 feet from any people.
  • Masks must be used where social distance is difficult.
  • Choose outdoor exercise as much as possible, especially when you are exercising hard, and wearing a mask is difficult.

Open windows for air circulation in closed areas with social distance and masks. Clean and disinfect shared equipment regularly.

The following different workouts suggested by Dr. Cheema Melton can be adopted for social distance and fitness.

Go for a walk

walk during corona

Walking is a great choice to keep yourself mentally and physically fit, but if you live in a crowded city, you need to take special precautions.

Keep a distance of 6 feet or more from anyone, especially when you are running or taking deep breaths during the walk.


cycling during corona

Cycling can easily cover many miles of social distance while keeping oneself active.

According to Dr. Cheema, unlike walking, running, and hiking, it is mandatory to wear a mask while cycling in crowded places.

Avoid using the same file line for cycling in crowded places, especially when you are not wearing a mask, as breathing too fast can spread the virus to other people.

Outdoor group fitness classes
For regular workouts, choose a fitness center where fitness instructors make sure that each person in the group has a sitting arrangement several feet away from the other person.

Also, if everyone is wearing a mask on a regular basis, make it a habit to wash your hands after using every gym equipment, keeping in mind the social distance.

play tennis

Tennis is a great option as an outdoor workout this year, taking a social distance.

During this game, one side maintains a distance of 6 feet from the other side, so it can be easily protected from the respiratory virus.



According to Dr. Milton, no evidence of the virus has been found in the pool so far, so some precautions can be taken to make swimming easier.

According to the CDC, these measures include managing maximum air circulation in the indoor area, as well as regularly disinfecting the swimming surface, keeping space in the furniture set, and adjusting the pool deck.

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