The counting of votes in the US presidential election is underway, but even before the results come out, both presidential candidates have claimed their respective victories.

So far, Democratic candidate Joe Biden has overtaken Republican candidate Donald Trump in the US presidential election, with nearly 16 states still awaiting results.

“We are in a very good position across the country, thank you,” President Donald Trump said in a tweet on social media.

Donald Trump has accused his rival Joe Biden of rigging the election, saying he was trying to steal it but would not allow it.

In another tweet, US President Donald Trump said that he would declare a big victory tonight.
On the other hand, Democratic candidate Joe Biden also addressed the American people along with his wife.

Biden said We are going towards the beater, trust me, we will win the election.

He also said that he was grateful to all the people across the country who campaigned and worked hard for Democrats.

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