The World Bank has approved a 30 crore, 40 lac dollar loan for Pakistan.

According to a statement issued by the World Bank, the loan-driven program will improve the financial affairs of the public sector, while strengthening the public finance management system in the federation and Punjab.
According to the statement, the program will make it easier for Pakistan to collect revenue while the program will help in registering real estate businesses.

In addition, the World Bank said in a statement that the program would make it easier for businesses to register while improving payments, refunds, and appeals against tax authorities.
The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government has repaid a loan of 10.14 billion in 2019-20.

According to a document from the Economic Affairs Division, the repayment of external debt was estimated at 10 10.42 billion last fiscal year, with 8.33 billion in actual loans and 1.8 billion in interest.
According to the document, 19 4.4 billion in foreign commercial loans were repaid in 2019-2020 and 2.21 billion were repaid to foreign institutions.

According to the report, a loan of 725 million taken from foreign countries was also repaid while the government also repaid 1 billion in the form of Sukuk bonds.

Now the world bank has approved big loan for Pakistan. According to the statement of world bank the loan driven program will improve the financial affairs of the public sector

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