A well-known Russian vlogger set fire to his luxury Mercedes after it was repeatedly damaged.

Foreign news agency Vlogger Michael Lytton bought a brand new luxury Mercedes for 70 170,000 in December last year.

After buying such an expensive car, he hoped that it would be excellent in performance as well as durable, but he said that in reality, it was not at all.

set fire on car

Michael Lytton said he drove only 15 kilometers and still went to the workshop several times in 10 months to recover.
Fed up with repeated car breakdowns, he finally decided to burn the car so that he could get rid of the recurring problem.

According to reports, Michael Lytton’s car went to the Mercedes service shop about 4 times and he was always told that he would fix the car without any money but as soon as he brought his car back from the service shop Then something went wrong. Vlogger claimed that the last time Mercedes Service Shop stopped him from repairing his car, he brought him to a friend’s workshop where he found out that when he had given his car to be repaired. The Mercedes Service Shop replaces the damaged car parts with parts purchased from the general market.

Mikhail Lytton decided to burn the car after repeatedly going to the workshop on car breakdowns.

Vlogger also uploaded a vlog of burning his car on YouTube in which he can be seen stopping his luxury Mercedes in an open field and then setting it on fire after spraying petrol on it.

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