Lahore: The Pakistan Cricket Board has also started benefiting from the government’s digitization policy and now all matters are being dealt with just one click instead of the official file.

Following a landmark agreement between the Pakistan Cricket Board and the Punjab Information Technology Board, the PCB has got rid of the traditional and outdated files system. The PCB, with the help of PITB, started using modern e-filing and office automation system to ensure speed and transparency in day to day affairs. In this regard, Chairman Punjab Information Technology Board Azfar Manzoor said that with the help of our software, the office work of PCB has become very easy.

Now instead of paper files, you can get updates of everything from your mobile, laptop and also give necessary instructions and approvals of decisions. This software will not only save time and money but also speed and transparency in all matters. Will, It is also possible to keep an eye on delay issues in office matters. Azfar Manzoor said that cricket is a game in which everyone is fully interested. Through victory, this game not only unites the entire nation but also depresses the losers. We are ready to support them in the future for innovation and improvement in the affairs of the PCB. Chairman Punjab Information Technology Board clarified that along with cricket, he is ready to assist the officials of other sports as well. To compete with the world, we must innovate in all areas. The most important objective of the Punjab Information Technology Board is to make people’s lives easier. The use of this software in various government departments has greatly improved the situation, we are trying to digitize all departments as soon as possible.

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