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Too much use of smartphones can cause youth’s memory to weaken. The claim came in a research in Switzerland. In research, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute said that Result of radiation or rays from smartphone may have negative effects on the memory of youth and children.

Use Of SmartPhone Is Dangerous For The Youth

Use Of SmartPhone Is Dangerous For The Youth

Do you use smartphones too much? Research showed that radio frequency electromagnetic fields emerge from mobiles phones and if these devices are used too much for more than a year so it has negative effects on the youth’s memory.

The result of this habit is influenced by main figural memory which is in the right part of the brain and it gave the ability to make objects like images, composition etc. to humans. The research was told that the youth who keep their smartphone close to their right ear, they are most influenced by this radiation.

However, researchers said that send messages, Play games and even browsing on the internet negative effects may occur. However, it does not affect the memory. During this research rags review of nearly 700 teens aged 12 to 17 years the relationship between the effects of radio frequency and memory performance was analyzed.

Researchers say that it is unclear how it affects mental processes radio frequency or what can be the result of a long-term basis? Use of smartphones on the bed is harmful to the health. He said that the use of headphones or loudspeaker may reduce potential risks.

Before that, another research has emerged that daily use of smartphones and computers for a long time may increase the risk of depression and suicide-linked behavior among youth.

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