Mumbai Bollywood’s slow brother, Salman Khan, is one of those personalities who keeps his own comment on ‘current affairs’.

In other words, they understand well-being in silence. For a long time now, the so-called ‘kinship’ in Bollywood has come out of the bottle.

Everyone was watching the show, but in the TV reality show, Big Boss 14’s ‘Weekend’s War’ episode, the host Salman Khan got a chance to give a blunt answer to all those who have been in Bollywood for a long time. They were trying to wake up the people by ringing the bell in the name of kinship.
When Rahul Vaidya, a contestant on the show, tried to give his opinion on this, Salman took him by surprise and said that any father gives his business or property to his children and not to a neighbor’s child. If a film star makes a film for his son or daughter, what’s wrong with that?

He said that every parent wants to spend all their capital and inheritance on their children and in the end, it is what the people like. In this regard, Salman gave many examples and also gave examples of people who came from outside the industry and were very successful.

Now Salman was teaching this lesson to Rahul Vaidya or nothing else can be said definitively about it.

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