PM Imran Khan message on International Children’s Day

Prime Minister Imran Khan has issued a message on International Children’s Day.

According to details, International Children’s Day is being celebrated all over the world including Pakistan today. On the occasion of this day, Prime Minister Imran Khan has said in his message that children are the most valuable resources of any nation. Children are the only guarantee of the future of nations, the government is aware of its responsibilities regarding children’s rights.

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The Prime Minister said that the government is committed to ensuring the education, health, and safety of children, the government has launched several programs for the protection of children’s rights, a national commission on children’s rights has been formed.

He said that Zainab Alert Act has been enacted for the protection of children, the Juvenile Justice System Act 2018, and ICT Child Protection Act 2018 have been enacted to provide care and protection to children.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the PTI’s manifesto was to promote children’s education and focus on contacts for children with disabilities, ensuring the rule of law and the provision of economic justice.

He said that the government is constantly monitoring the situation of Corona in the country and is working with the provinces and partners to keep the people safe from Corona.

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The Prime Minister said that the government is creating a welfare state where there is transparency, building a non-violent society and ending child abuse is a priority, the future of Pakistan is tied to our children.

He reiterated his commitment to protecting the rights of children and said that he would unite with government organizations, civil society, international organizations and other partners on a single platform.

“I am confident that our children will have the same opportunities as the children of developed nations,” he added.

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It should be noted that International Children’s Day is being celebrated all over the world including Pakistan. The main purpose of celebrating International Children’s Day is to raise awareness about children’s education, health, entertainment, and mental training so that children all over the world would be able to play a positive role in society in the future.

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