ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced a package for small scale industries.

According to details, Prime Minister Imran Khan, while commenting on the energy sector, said that we have come up with a package for the industrialists.
Unfortunately, electricity to our industries is 25% more expensive than India’s.

Announcing the package for small scale industries, PM Imran Khan said that from November 1, 2020, additional electricity (power) will be provided to small scale industries at a 50% lower rate, from November 1, small and medium scale industries will be provided 50% lower rate than November 2019.

He said that all industries would be provided electricity at a 25% lower rate for the next three years and there would be no peak hour.

Slight decline in inflation in October as compared to September

Imran Khan said that the sales of vehicles have increased and the construction industry is moving forward, the package announced today will increase industrial development, in this era of competition, the electricity available to industries in Pakistan is expensive, Expensive contracts of electricity were made in past, our industry cannot compete because electricity is expensive.

Imran Khan said that we tried to increase exports as soon as we came to the government. The more exports in the country, the stronger the rupee will be. In the Corona situation, Pakistan’s exports to the subcontinent grew the fastest.

He said that it is expected that this package will further increase the exports, In corona situation, the increase in the country’s exports is good news.

IMF made a new demand from Pakistan

On the other hand, Federal Minister for Industries and Production Hamad Azhar while talking to the media said that electricity will be provided 24 hours and there will be no peak hours. It is expected that industries will not be closed due to peak hours. Industries have been shut down in the past due to the high cost of electricity in peak hours.

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