ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan, while announcing the introduction of the electronic voting system in Pakistan, invited the opposition for electoral reforms.

According to details, Prime Minister Imran Khan while expressing his views regarding the election process said that he is grateful to the people of Gilgit-Baltistan for their full confidence. He said that Gilgit-Baltistan should have been given provincial status. Will we fulfill promises with the people of Gilgit-Baltistan.

The Prime Minister said that I assure you that we will fulfill our promise to make Gilgit-Baltistan a province. I pay tribute to the voters who came out in the winter season. When the 2013 elections were over, all the parties said that there was rigging. PML-N also said that rigging has taken place in Sindh and PPP said in 2013 that it was an RO election.

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Referring to the 2013 elections, Imran Khan said that in 2013, 133 people said that there was an irregularity in the elections. On rigging, we said open only 4 constituencies. Even if 4 constituencies were opened, our government would not have been formed. If 4 constituencies had been audited, all the complaints of fraud would have come to light.

He said that we demanded to open 4 constituencies so that the 2018 election would be fine. We took the issue of 4 constituencies to the Parliament and then went to the Election Commission. Then we took the matter to the Supreme Court. A year later, the government was not ready to open 4 constituencies, we decided to sit (Dharna) after a year.

The Prime Minister further said that the evidence of irregularities and fraud was taken to the Supreme Court, the case went on for several weeks, the Judicial Commission was formed on the demand for reopening of 4 constituencies, which submitted its report. Only in the 1970 election, it was considered that the losers conceded defeat.

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Imran Khan said that when he became the captain of the cricket team, every team had their own umpires in those days. The losing team in other countries used to say that the umpires beat him. I was the only captain who won in India in the presence of Indian umpires. Because of me, neutral umpires came into the world of cricket.

Regarding rigging in the elections, he said that 133 people filed rigging petitions in the 2013 elections, only 102 petitions came after the 2018 elections, less people in 2018 said rigging than in 2013.

The Prime Minister said that in the 2018 elections, 23 petitions filed by PTI, PPP, and PML-N both filed only 24 petitions, PTI lost 14 seats in the National Assembly by 3,000 votes while PPP lost 3 and PML-N lost 9 seats by less votes.

Referring to the 2018 elections, Imran Khan said that it was their government in 2018, they had selected a caretaker government, after the 2018 elections, we should say that because we have more petition than the opposition, these people have been making noise in the assembly since day one. That 2018 elections were rigged, a committee was formed under the leadership of Pervez Khattak, their people came in the first meeting, their people did not come from the second meeting of the rigged committee.

On the success of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in Gilgit-Baltistan, he said that he is very thankful to the people of GB for voting for PTI. I want such an environment that whoever loses the election will also accept it.

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Announcing the introduction of electronic voting in Pakistan, the Prime Minister said that discussions are underway with the Election Commission on electronic voting. He said that modern technology would bring the best election system in Pakistan. He also said that the voting system is being introduced for immigrants.

Imran Khan said that Senate and Azad Kashmir elections are yet to come in the country, constitutional amendments are needed for Senate elections, we want Senate elections to be a show of hand, it is alleged that Senate seats are bought by paying money, we We want an end to the secret ballot in the Senate elections. We do not want allegations of corruption in the Senate elections.

He further said that everyone says that money runs in Senate elections, PTI fired 20 MPAs for taking money in Senate elections, no government has ever come up with such constitutional amendments.

Calling on the opposition for electoral reforms, the Prime Minister said, “We want clean and transparent elections in Pakistan.”

Imran Khan said that the people of GB showed political awareness that it is a great thing for democracy, I promise the people of GB, the provincial status will be fully implemented, every effort will be made to make the life of the people of GB better.

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