Selfie of senior actor Manzar Sehbai and actress Samina Ahmed, who got married during the lockdown this year, while walking on the shores of Karachi, became popular on the internet.

Senior actor Manzar Sehbai, who played the role of Abdul Ali in Geo TV’s popular drama ‘A’, recently posted a selfie with his wife Samina Ahmed on the photo and video-sharing app Instagram.

The selfie posted by Manzar Sehbai also shows a beautiful view of the sea of Karachi while this most popular couple of the showbiz industry is looking extremely happy.

The senior actor wrote in the caption of the photo, “Time to enjoy the sea.”
Manzar Sehbai wrote the name of his wife Samina Ahmed in the hashtag and called her his ‘soulmate’.

This selfie of both the senior actors is being liked by the fans while the comments on the post are also continuing.
It may be recalled that Samina Ahmed, a senior actress in the Pakistani showbiz industry, was married to fellow actor Manzar Sehbai in Lockdown this year. Manzar Sehbai, who is over 70 years old, was married to Samina Ahmed on April 4, 2020.Senior actor Manzar Sehbai had played the role of Abdul Ali in Geo TV’s popular drama ‘A’ and besides that he has acted as a senior actor in many dramas and films while senior actress Samina Ahmed has also acted in Pakistani dramas. Worked in popular dramas.

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