KARACHI: Judicial matters across the province have been suspended on the appeal of the Sindh High Court Bar on the issue of publication of blasphemous sketches.

Following the appeal of the Sindh High Court Bar, the hearing of all the cases in the High Court has been suspended and all the boards have been discharged. Judicial matters have also been suspended in the City Court and other lower courts.

In Hyderabad, on the other hand, judicial matters were boycotted on the appeal of Sindh Bar Council on the issue of publication of blasphemous sketches.
Hearing of cases in High Court Bench, Circuit Bench and lower courts have been adjourned while lawyers in Thatta and Nawabshah have also gone on strike.

The lawyers did not appear in court due to the strike, which led to the adjournment of the cases.

Pakistan has also strongly condemned the French move and a resolution condemning it has been passed by the parliament while Pakistan had summoned the French ambassador and recorded the protest.

Prime Minister’s decision to raise the issue of blasphemous sketches in the world forum.

According to sources, the Prime Minister will write separate letters to the heads of all Muslim countries and the letter will ask Muslim countries to unite and show solidarity on the issue of blasphemous sketches.

Sources said that the Prime Minister also apprised his fellow ministers in the cabinet meeting about the letter and said that insulting the honor of the Holy Prophet in the name of freedom of expression is not tolerated at all.

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