Actress Isra Belgich, who played Halima Sultan in the popular Turkish drama series Ertugrul Ghazi, graced the cover of a Turkish magazine.

Isra Belgich shared a photo of the cover of a magazine on the photos and videos sharing app Instagram, in which she can be seen wearing western clothes.

Halima Sultan’s picture looks very attractive on the cover page of the magazine, which is also well-liked by the fans.

His fans are also happy to see Isra’s picture on the cover of the magazine and are appreciating Halima Sultan with their interesting comments.

It should be noted that after the Turkish drama Ertugrul Ghazi was aired on state TV in Pakistan, the popularity of the actors of the drama has also increased and the people of Pakistan have become fans of Ertugrul and other actors of Ertugrul.
Pakistani actor Imran Abbas has also recently visited Turkey, where he met Ertugrul actor Aliyar Bay ‘Jim Ochan’ and Jim Ochan has also expressed his intention to visit Pakistan.

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