ISLAMABAD: India has become a champion of corruption in the Asia region, According to Transparency International, adding that India uses the most connections and corruption in Asia. ۔

According to the details, Transparency International has released a global corruption report. Transparency International and Global Society conducted a corruption survey a few months ago, in which India was declared the champion of corruption.

The report said that in the Asia region, the corruption rate in India is 39%, 46% of Indians use their connections to access public services, while 50% of bribe-giver demands to pay bribes.

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According to the survey report, 32% of the connection users said that they use their connections to access public services otherwise they would not get the services.

Transparency International had also released a report on corruption in the Davis Forum. In this report, India was ranked 80th out of 180 countries. The title of the transparency survey was “Global Corruption Barometer.” Asia.

The survey, conducted in 17 countries, interviewed 20,000 people and asked Indian citizens about police, courts, government hospitals, obtaining identity documents and utilities.

Forty-two percent of Indians used connections to obtain official documents, while thirty-nine percent of Indian citizens resorted to corruption using connections in judicial and police matters, the report said.

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