Dua means literally to call. I called you, I invited you, I cried out to you.

What is the purpose of DUA?

The reality of dua. . . . We often confuse dua with “talab”. “Talab” in Arabic means to ask for something, to demand something.

When we make dua to Allah, sometimes in that dua we are making demands, it’s true. We’re making requests, but we should never forget that all of those requests.

You know, what they are at the end of the day?

It’s a humble slave of Allah turning back to Allah. And begging Allah to help him with whatever problem. But it’s more than Allah solving your problem.

It’s just the act that you communicated with Allah. That’s the most valuable thing. The fact that you actually engaged Allah in conversation. That is the goal in the end. Whether or not Allah will solve your problem immediately is a separate problem.

Sometimes you go through problems and you ask yourself: “What is my fault in all of this?”. “Why do I have to go through these problems?”. “What did I do to deserve this?”.


Let me ask you this. Yusuf alaihissalam was a child, right?. . A child by definition is innocent.

DUA- The Story of Hazrat Yusuf alaihissalam

What did a child do to deserve being kidnapped?. What has a child ever done to deserve being thrown inside of a well in the middle of the woods?. What does a child ever do to deserve being sold as a child slave in a different land?. When he grows up as a young man, what did he ever do to deserve being thrown in jail?. Over a false accusation…. . And he spent many years in jail, not because of something he did. He was innocent, and he spent all those years in jail.

well where Hazrat Yousuf alaihissalam was thrown
well where Hazrat Yousuf alaihissalam was thrown

He went through situations in life, that if anybody else went through those situations you’d say “Life is unfair … What are you gonna do?”. “Life is unfair”.

But you know what happens to a believer?. They don’t just say life is unfair, they say Allah is unfair nauzubillah. Allah did that to him.

Yet, Allah says in surah Yusuf that Allah was overlooking everything he did in his decision. Every decision that was made for Yusuf, Allah was dominating that decision, overlooking that decision.

How?. . Sometimes you and I go through difficulty because Allah knows something better is coming. Sometimes that better thing that is coming is for you. Sometimes it’s for somebody else.

Sometimes the benefit of your difficulty will come back to you, the return will come back to you while you are still alive. Sometimes the return is meant to come back to you after you go back to Allah.

What happened with Yusuf alaihissalam?. A father was separated from a child. It’s a tragedy, isn’t it?.

But imagine if he was never kidnapped, he would never be in the well. If he was never in the well, he would never end up in Egypt. If he was never in Egypt, he would have never grown up there and been thrown into prison.

If he was never in prison, he would have never met those two guys he met in prison whose dream he interpreted. If he never met those two people, one of them who got to live and go back to the king. And when the king saw a strange dream he would have never said “Wait! I know someone who can help interpret your dream”. And you know what that dream was?.

Seven good years in the country and seven years there’s not gonna be any crop, any product, any harvest. People are gonna starve to death. If Yusuf (alaihissalam) was not in prison. And then was taken out to interpret that dream at that time.

There would have been an economic, financial, social crisis in the country. . And hundreds of thousands of children would have starved to death.

One child suffered for a few years. But because of that child suffering, Allah’s plan was to save a lot of families. A lot of fathers and mothers from losing their children to starvation.

Because of the plan that Yusuf alaihissalam came back when he interpreted the dream. When he became the treasurer.

Tomb of Hazrat Yusuf alaihissalam

Story of Robert Davila

Robert Davila
Robert Davila


Robert Davila is a man who can’t move any part of his body. Other than his face.. . He can’t move any part of his body. . What did he ever do to deserve that?. Nothing.

But how many people have accepted Islam because of his disability? How many people have just heard about that and have come back to Allah?. How many people that were ungrateful in life, even though they were Muslim, they were only Muslim by name. And decided to submit their heart back to Allah because that man is sitting in a bed.

His suffering, his pain, becomes guidance for millions of people. Sometimes the difficulty you and I go through is,. . actually a small price to pay for a lot of khayr, a lot of good that will either come to me now. Or it will come to me in the akhirah (afterlife), or it will come to me after I go back to Allah. DUA.

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