Sui Northern Gas Company MD Amir Tufail says there will be a shortfall of more than 500 million cubic feet in winter.

Speaking to Geo News, Sui Northern MD Amir Tufail said that the continuous depletion of gas reserves is a matter of great concern, while the demand for gas is increasing and production is declining, which will exacerbate the gas crisis in December-January.

Amir Tufail said that those who use compressors illegally will not be forgiven, people waste gas thinking it is cheap, this attitude has to change, OGRA has applied to make gas more expensive.

He said that 400,000 new connections have been provided this year while 2.7 million applications are pending. Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) has expressed fears of a massive gas shortage in the winter.

According to a statement from Sui Southern, there will be a gas shortage of 300 million cubic feet or 25 percent in the winter and the situation will become more complicated.

Sui Southern Gas Company says, it has informed Electric and other stakeholders. The statement said that at present the low pressure gas complaint is likely to go away in a few days.

It may be recalled that due to the shortage of gas in Karachi, domestic consumers as well as industries are facing severe difficulties and the production process in the industrial areas has been severely affected.

The shortage of gas has also reduced the power generation of Karachi’s electricity supplier, which has led to a further increase in load shedding.

Earlier, Federal Minister for Energy Omar Ayub Khan had also expressed concern over a serious gas crisis in winter.

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