From today, Saudi Arabia has allowed Muslims from other countries to perform Umrah, under which 20,000 pilgrims will be able to perform Umrah.

A statement issued by the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Hajj and Umrah said that 20,000 pilgrims have been allowed to perform Umrah since November 1 (today), after which 60,000 worshipers will offer prayers at the Grand Mosque (masjid al-haram) and 19,000 pilgrims will visit the Roza-e-Rasool. Will be able to attend.

According to international media, in the third phase, the age limit for those coming for Umrah from abroad has been set at 18 to 50 years.

Essential information for foreigners going on Umrah

It has been made mandatory for all incoming flights to Saudi Arabia and it has been directed to ensure implementation of the issued SOPs in all cases.

Pilgrims going for Umrah from abroad will have to bring proof of booking of accommodation which provides 3 meals a day.

During the three days of isolation, Umrah pilgrims will be informed about the precautions that need to be taken.

Keep in mind that after a seven-month ban, the Saudi government allowed local citizens to perform Umrah at the beginning of this month. In the first phase, 6,000 Saudi pilgrims performed Umrah daily at six different times and now the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah allowed foreigners too from today.