Leading actor and host Faisal Qureshi have posted a message on social media explaining not to wear a mask in a shopping mall.

Recently, a user posted on the micro-blogging site Twitter said that he had seen actor Faisal Qureshi in a mall, he was not wearing a mask and also on the faces of the fans who took selfies with him. There was no mask.
The user said that the health department of Sindh brought as many SOPs as it wanted but the people here did not follow.

Responding to the Twitter user’s critical tweet, Faisal Qureshi explained in his recent message not to wear a mask.
“I was wearing a mask but the fans forced me to remove the mask from my face to take pictures with us,” Qureshi said in a Twitter message.

“If I don’t do that, my fans would have tweeted today that I am a proud and arrogant person,” Faisal Qureshi said.

On the other hand, 3262 new cases of coronavirus were reported in Pakistan during the last 24 hours, after which the total number of coronavirus patients in the country has reached 410,072.

In Pakistan, 350,305 corona patients have been cured. At present, the coronavirus death rate in the country is 2% and the recovery rate is 85.4%.

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