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Islamabad: Shahin Airlines plane has reached Lahore with 214 Pakistani passengers who trapped in Chinese airport Guangzhou.

Emotional scenes were witnessed at Lahore Allama Iqbal International Airport when the plane arrived with stranded passengers. When passengers came out from the Plane, they put their forehead on the ground and thanked God for their safe return to their country from China after 9 days.

Supreme Court of Pakistan and Civil Aviation Authority both played the main role in the return for them. Passengers praised to the Supreme court and Civil Aviation to take a step for them, and also denounce the Shaheen Airline management for leaving them at the mercy of Chinese airport authorities.

The view of passengers was that Pakistan Embassy in China also did not take notice of their complaint against Shaheen airline management.

They said that money became short at the airport and they contacted their family members for arranging money.

Due to a technical fault, Shaheen airline left some Pakistani passengers stuck at the Guangzhou airport. The passengers on the Shaheen airline flight include 185 adults and 29 children, the flight had arrived at Lahore airport today around 4:30 pm.

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