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Mumbai (Showbiz Desk) famous actor Fahid Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat latest film “Actor in Law” will be screened in Mumbai.

The movie of Pakistan producer Nabeel Qureshi and filmmaker Fiza Ali Mirza was filled with full of entertainment and comedy. Along with  Pakistan famous actor Fahid Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat, the Indian Famous Actor “Om Puri” also show the performance of acting.

The film not only got a positive response from the movie critics but was also brought to the public. The movie ‘Actor in Law’ not only came to the domestic level but was also a very positive reaction to the global level.

And even in Dubai’s cinemas, the film was successful in shooting and now a screening of the film has also been decided in Mumbai.

According to Indian media reports, the tribute to leading legendary actor Om Puri will be shown on August 10 in Mumbai’s Hari Karishan Institute of Mumbai for the last film of his life.

Last year ‘Actor in Law’ was kept premiere during the Film Festival in Rajistan. The film producer, Fiza Ali Mirza said about the Om Puri that famous actor did not receive a single money because she liked the film’s script.

And he was very serious for Pak-India friendship and therefore, he made the friendly film.

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