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Mumbai: Bollywood actors Alia Bhatt also have to speak about nepotism in Hollywood. According to Indian media reports, According to the Indian media reports, most of the Bollywood actors talked about nepotism in the past few years.

Finally Alia Bhatt also Speak on nepotism!!

                                                    Finally, Alia Bhatt also Speak on nepotism!!

The actors give their own opinion. And now actress Alia Bhatt is also speaking about this. When asked from Alia Bhatt then she said that it is meaningless to the defense any actor or artist from nepotism.

Because of Nepotism is exists in Bollywood industry. The actress said that it is an emotional discussion for some actors When they are not given a chance to work.

And if this is all with me then definitely my heart will break badly. The actress says that nepotism exists everywhere. Just a good or bad time for someone is very meaningful.

In the film industry, you have to save the people that it is very difficult to work for anyone. A good-looking actor is back behind and sometimes a typical actor goes ahead through his best acting.

The actress, while giving her example, said that he is also a daughter of a director, but his first film ‘Student of the Year’ gave me a lot of help in moving ahead.

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