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New York (TNS) famous singer Atif Aslam got expensive to sing Indian song in the celebration freedom parade. The participants left the concert with anger.

According to details, singer Asif Aslam sings the famous song of Indian film in the celebration freedom parade held in New York. Pakistani community has been protesting by singing Indian song by Atif Aslam.

Participants boycott the singer concert with anger. Participants say that Asmat Aslam sang Indian songs and refused the demand of Pakistani national song and also refused to catch Pakistani flag.

While his Indian sponsor continued to obey himself. On this occasion, Pakistanis and local Pakistani media were insulted. In Pakistan Day Parade, Atif Aslam was given a pay of $ 80,000 not yet given to any other artist.

The Pakistani community demanded to boycott the Pakistani singer Atif Aslam. The singer was also taken seriously on social media because Atif Aslam refused to hold the national flag.

Singer Mohammad Ali Shahki said that sing the Indian song is not appropriate in the celebration freedom parade. I reject to sing an Indian song if anyone asks me. Nadeem Jafri said that he should not sing Indian songs in the Independence Parade. Atif Aslam 90 percent songs have been released in India.

Singer Abrar ul Haq said that Atif Aslam should not sing Indian songs in the celebration freedom parade. I hope the singers will take care of this next time. It is clear that during the Independence Parade, Atif Aslam sings a very famous Indian song “Tera Hona Laga Hun” for which he was criticized.

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