Recently, actress Aliza Shah, who followed her close friend Noman Sami on social media, shared a post about her close relationship.
Aliza, who posted a message on Instagram, has tried to explain to her fans how to choose a man for love.
Aliza wrote in the caption, “Don’t associate with anyone who hurts you, instead of putting ointment on your wounds, it hurts more and calls it love.”
The message advises that “be in a relationship with someone who will change and improve themselves to protect and love you.”
Alizee justified this in the caption, and perhaps closed the comments section of her post to avoid negative comments from followers.
Recently, the news was circulating on social media that actor Noman Sami and Aliza Shah have parted ways and followed each other.
Aliza Shah’s wish on Noman Sami’s birthday
The two have also deleted all the photos shared with each other on Instagram.
Noman Sami and Aliza were recently seen together in the drama serial “My Heart, My Enemy”.
I will always be with you.
Apart from acting, Alizeh Shah also does modeling. Alizeh has won the Best TV Sensation Award for the drama serial “Ishq Tamasha” and the drama serial “Ahdwofa” produced by ISPR. His performance was also highly appreciated.

Alizey shah
Aliza shah

About 4 months ago, morning show host Nada Yasir had invited the cast of the drama “My Heart My Enemy” to her show after which Noman Sami, Aliza Shah, Nada Yasir herself, and her husband Yasir Nawaz who participated in the show tested positive. came. The actress has also closed the comment section of her post so that social media users cannot criticize Alizee Shah by making negative comments. Actor Noman Sami has parted ways because both of them had stopped following each other on Instagram.
Alizay shah very famous and fabulous actress.

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