US technology company Microsoft has decided to innovate the Meet Now feature of its telecommunications app Skype, a feature that has not gained much popularity despite an increase in video calling rates during the Coronavirus.

According to international media reports, Microsoft has decided to further improve the telecommunications app Skype’s Mate Now feature.

Although the main purpose of Skype is video calling, during the Coronavirus, when the rate of video calling increased, the number of users of Zoom, Google Meet, and Messenger Rooms increased, and Skype was used very little.
Skype’s meet Now feature was introduced at the same time as a zoom that was intended to grab users’ attention, but Microsoft failed.

This feature allows users to host and share free video meetings in just 3 clicks without the need to install Skype or sign up for an account.

Now Microsoft has decided to further improve this feature of Skype and testing of Matt Now in the taskbar in the new beta of Windows 10 is about to start.

skype video calling
skype video calling

Under the new version, people can be contacted and called just by clicking on the button in the notification area on the desktop. It is not clear if this icon on the desktop will be for people who are already using Skype or for everyone.
Testing for this feature will begin soon.

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