ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has decided to contact China for the expected coronavirus vaccine, asking for prices and clinical trial data of a possible vaccine.

According to sources, the NIH will contact the Chinese government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, asking for details of the expected coronavirus from China, including the cost of the vaccine and trial data.

Sources said that details will be sought from Chinese companies Ken Cyano and Cyanoform. Both the companies are in phase three of the corona vaccine clinical trials.

In this regard, the sources also said that the full results of the clinical trials of the Ken Cyano vaccine will come in 2 months. Following the Chinese response to the corona vaccine, the next course of action will be planned. After achieving its goal, Pakistani experts will consider the data of clinical trials of the Chinese vaccine.

With the approval of Pakistani experts, there will be detailed discussions with China on vaccines. Pakistan hopes for a positive response from China over the corona vaccine.

Government has also decided to contact international organizations to finalize the advance booking of the expected cron vaccine so that funds can be obtained. The government will approach the World Bank for funding for the vaccine, as well as talks with the Asian Development Bank and UNICEF.

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