BEIJING: Chinese citizens saw a mysterious light in the dark sky in the dark of night, a video of which went viral on social media.

Citizens of Heilongjiang Province in northeastern China saw a mysterious light slowly moving in the sky on Friday night.

Observers estimate that 1.7 million people watched the scene, some of whom made videos and shared them on social networking sites.

The Chinese considered the light a flying saucer, while some thought it was a mysterious object traveling in the dark of night.
In the darkness of night, a mysterious light appeared in the sky and disappeared.

In the video shared on the internet, it can be seen that the light appearing in the sky first looked like a yellow dot, and then it started moving in the form of a spark.
The video, which was shared on the Internet, has been viewed by millions of users so far, who were shocked to see it for the first time. However, there were a few users who raised questions about the video and edited it. (Edited) declared.
The miracle of nature, green light, and waves in the night sky. Some social media users believe that the light was actually a plane that was probably landing, while others said that if it were a plane, the light should have moved forward, but it ended there.

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