Karachi: New board of directors of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has been appointed.

According to the reports, PIA has appointed a new board of directors on the orders of the government. The stock exchange was also informed in this regard.

Zelf Munir, Barrister Zahid, Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim, Former Secretary Aviation Muhammad Ali Gardezi, Renowned PhD Scholar Dr. Javed Ghani, Banker Atif Aslam Bajwa, Aslam R Khan have been appointed as the new Board of Directors.

In addition, the Secretary Aviation and the Chief Executive Officer of PIA have also been appointed as members of the Board.

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It should be noted that the government had appointed PIA board members who have now been formally appointed.

According to the law, the appointment of the Board of Directors must be informed to the Pakistan Stock Exchange. It may be recalled that the present government has taken many steps for the betterment of Pakistan International Airlines which are still ongoing.

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