Social media users say that Alize Shah and Sanam Chaudhry, two emerging actresses in the TV industry, have similarities.

sanam chaudhry
Sanam Chaudhry

A video of Aliza Shah, a young actress starring in the most popular drama serial ‘My Heart My Enemy’, is going viral on social media in which she sings the world-famous singer Atif Aslam’s most popular Indian song ‘What magic at first sight’ A few words of ‘done’ seem to be muttering.
In the video that went viral on social media, it can be seen that Aliza Shah sings beautifully and then says to her friend, ‘I have never heard this song but I still don’t know why I remember the lyrics of this song. There are.
After watching Alize Shah’s viral video, while fans are praising her singing, there are some social media users who say that Alize Shah and Sanam Chaudhry have similarities.

Commenting on the actress’s video, a user named Iman said, “I thought it was Sanam Chaudhry.
After watching the video, a user named Abiha and Fareen also said that Aliza Shah looks exactly like Sanam Chaudhry.
This video of Liza Shah went viral on social media a few hours ago and has received more than 24,000 views so far while a series of comments from users is also continuing.
Remember that Alize Shah had recently said in her Instagram message that doesn’t be in a relationship with someone who hurts you and instead of putting ointment on your wounds gives you more pain and then says that he loves you.

It may be recalled that Aliza Shah not only acts but also does modeling.
Alizay Shah is the most popular actress.
Alizay shah is the best actress and best model
she performed well in every drama serial. she has millions of fans on social media accounts.

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