Lahore: Scandal queen actress Meera has denied the allegations of fraud leveled against her, saying that her feet are clean and she did not eat anyone’s money.

According to the details, Pakistani actress Meera reacted by strongly denying the allegations leveled by choreographer Lada yesterday and said that this statement is one hundred percent true that whomever you do good to, avoid evil.

My skirt is very clean and I have not asked for any money from anyone and I have not eaten anyone’s money. He said that he would respond to the allegations against him in a press conference.

It may be recalled that the other day, actress Meera’s choreographer Lada had alleged that Meera had given shelter to the homeless people of the showbiz industry and told the media through the media that she had given shelter to the homeless people. Choreographer Lada said that after media reports, people from all over the world sent me millions of rupees in the name of aid.

I kept my house for 3 months, kept cleaning the house with my wife, used to write my own account number when I got a call for help abroad, moreover, her house was not a shelter home but a center of fraud.

Keep in mind that this is not the first time that a scandal of actress Meera has come to light.

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