ISLAMABAD: The Coronavirus is on the rise in Pakistan and the epidemic is on the rise, while actor Usman Mukhtar has also confirmed that he has contracted the virus.

According to the details, actor Usman Mukhtar in a post released on the social networking website Instagram confirmed that he has contracted the virus and said, ” The virus is still there and people’s behavior is not serious, so keep a social distance, and don’t forget to wear a mask.
It should be noted that actor Usman Mukhtar is currently becoming the most popular actor in Pakistan, one of the reasons is his excellent acting while the other reason is to stay in touch with fans on social media.

His performance in Usman Mukhtar’s play ‘Anna’ was highly appreciated and since then fans have been eager to see him in more projects.

The number of followers on the actor’s social media accounts is also increasing with each passing day due to the fact that he is a talented actor as well as very funny.

If you take a look at his Instagram account, you will see countless posts that will surely make you laugh too, here are some of them.
Actor Usman Mukhtar also fell victim to coronavirus and appealed to the fans to pray.

Actor Usman Mukhtar, who has garnered accolades for his performances in the drama serials ‘Stabat’ and ‘Anna’, told fans via Instagram Story yesterday that his code 19 test was positive.

Usman Mukhtar also urged people to pray for their recovery and urged them to protect themselves.
It should be noted that the second wave of the corona has started in the country after which the number of corona cases is increasing rapidly. In view of this, important decisions have been taken by the National Command and Operations Center for the implementation of Corona SOPs under which masks have been made mandatory for the citizens.

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